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Composite decking or wood-alternative stands true for its name. It doesn’t have wood as its main material, but it looks exactly like timber. This material is excellent for those who are in need of a sustainable and eco-friendly option. Since this material is mostly made from a mix of polymer or plastics and wood fibres, it features durability and resistance to weather conditions.

This material doesn’t require much maintenance and cleaning, making it the best choice for people who are always up and about with their lives

In selecting the right decking material, the following are more things about composite decking board to remember:

  • Affords a more secured ground for kids and pets
  • Manufactured in various colours and styles; easily incorporated to any design
  • Light material and simple structure;
  • Resistant to water after proper treatment
  • Highly compatible with slip-resistant inserts or Q-Grip Strips
  • Relatively durable; stands the test of time
  • Hassle-free handling, installation and maintenance;
  • Resistant to outdoor changes, moisture, spills and rot
  • Seldom fades and splits
  • Comes in different types:
    • Textured Grain – This type has a rough, cut-in “grain” face that aids in covering up scuffs and scratches.
    • Two-Faced – this type has one side that has a wood-grain look, while the other face is brushed.
    • Plastic-Wrapped – this type contains a covering of resin that gives it resistance to stain, scratch, and fade.
    • Embossed Grain – this type has a graining which is deeper since it is pressed rather than cut into the board.
    • Weathered Wood – This type has pigments that produce a veining design. The design is made to resemble aged cypress.
    • Paper Board – this type comes from plastic and recycled paper, which resists fading better than wood fiber.
    • Watertight – this type resists water completely, even if submerged, and it has a scalloped underside.
    • Watertight Composite Decking – this type contains 99 percent virgin PVC plastic, which is akin to the wood mix in regular composite boards.
    • Capped Composite Decking – this type is a product of recycled materials and organic wood fillers.
    • Capped Polymer Decking – this type is a mix of recycled materials, but without organic fillers.
Composite decks come in different variations to choose from, which can be a tricky task. But, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right one for you, because our team at CK Custom Decking Hobart is always there to help you with your decking needs.

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