Timber Decking Porch Hobart

A timber deck board compliments the colour of nature, for its main material comes from fine-grade wood. The appearance of timber radiates warmth and a timeless feel, making it an excellent choice for home and business owners in Hobart, Tasmania and nearby areas.

When you choose timber, there are two more options for the boards, namely softwood and hardwood. Here at CK Custom Decking Hobart, our installation services cover both softwood and hardwood decking materials. So, regardless if you choose softwood or hardwood, our deck installers are always there to help you create the most beautiful and functional deck there is.

Choosing the Best Timber Deck

There are also other options that might best suit your design or specifications. Before you make that big decision, find out more about these excellent timber decking materials:

  • Pressure-Treated Lumber

This material is a green-tinted wood and tops the list of the most popular decking material sold today. This is mainly because the pressure-treated (PT) decking is affordable, durable, always available, and stained easily to practically any colour.

  • Redwood or Cedar

These western softwoods are known for their deep colour and natural beauty. What’s great is that they are not loaded with chemicals or preservatives. These wood types have tannins and oils that give them resistance features against rot, decay, and insects.

  • Tropical Hardwood

These rich-grained woods are quite hard, highly durable and naturally resistant to rot and mould. Their structure is so dense that it is practically impossible to screw them into a board without first drilling a hole. For this reason, a tropical decking is usually secured with hidden fasteners that clip or screw into the corner of the boards.

Softwood as Decking Board

Softwood proves to be a smart choice if you are running on a budget and want fast results. Keep in mind that cutting cost over quality just because you’re on a tight budget will not do you much good in the long run. This is why our professional deck builders are here to ensure that all your needs and preferences are checked off the list.  With them by your side, your softwood deck boards will be installed right. On top of this, our company has tools and equipment to treat and install softwood for a long-lasting deck board.

Below are more points that you need to keep in mind about softwood:

  • Made from fast-growing trees; easily manufactured
  • More sustainable and lighter to your pockets than hardwood and composite deck boards
  • Less durable than hardwood
  • Released in various styles, colours, and textures; easily adaptable to any design
  • Requires little maintenance and treatment to maintain its condition

Hardwood as Decking Board

Hardwood boasts superior durability and is resistant to outdoor elements. Since it is produced from slow-growing trees, its structure is more complicated and harder. Hardwood can be incorporated to any design, as it gives that natural, warm and classic look to your outdoor space. The most fascinating thing about hardwood is that it gets more beautiful as it gets worn out.

To say the least, you can never go wrong with hardwood. But, unlike other deck materials, hardwood can be difficult to handle and install due to its weight. However, with us, you don’t have to worry. Our professional deckers at CK Custom Decking Hobart are trained and experienced with hardwood decking installation.

To help you weigh your options, the following are more things to know about hardwood:

  • Affords superior durability against harsh outdoor elemental changes, heavy traffic and rot
  • Compliments nature; warm and rustic colour and feel
  • Produced in multiple colours and styles such as Garapa, Balau, and Ipe wood; easily adaptable to almost all designs
  • Requires little maintenance to maintain in tip-top shape.
  • Offers resistance against scratches, cracks, splits, or rots

Our professional team at CK Custom Decking Hobart is looking forward to working with you. Together, we can help make that big decision. Allow us to share our ideas to build the most beautiful outdoor decks you deserve. Reach out to our professional deckers today by giving them a call or by sending them an email.

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